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What if God is Child?


Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th March 2025


This conference is for anyone interested in how worship can influence the life and mission of the church.

We will explore the idea of God as Child, in a range of ways, drawing on the specialisms of different people to open up the question and its possibilities.

In particular, we will engage with topics such as:

  • Be-child-ing God: the power of metaphors
  • The Child in the Bible
  • Revisiting worship and mission: Chaos and Curiosity
  • Revisiting worship and mission: Play and Imagination
  • Revisiting worship and mission: Friendship
  • A Learning God
  • Child as trailblazer: raging and dancing
  • Suffering and God the Child

The conference can be attended residentially (£200), which includes Saturday lunch and dinner, Saturday evening accommodation and Sunday breakfast and lunch; or non-residentially (£120), which includes both lunches.

If you are interested in knowing more, please contact Graham Adams or, if you would like to register, download the registration form below.

Come and be curious with us!

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