Our Ethos

We seek to provide contextual formation for students for their ministries, and their continuing journey of faith and discipleship, tailored to each student in a pastoral and supported community of learning, worship and fellowship. NoCo is committed to an inclusive ethos across theological, gender, sexuality, ability and cultural difference.

Theological Education at Northern College

Northern College provides resources for learning for people throughout the United Reformed Church (and, when appropriate, for the Congregational Federation) and the Moravian Church through a variety of courses and across the following key areas:
Ministry of Word & Sacraments
Church-related community work
Personal Development and Understanding of Faith
Church leadership & mission

The college works with existing ministers seeking to develop their knowledge and skills, with those preparing for service as ministers of word and sacraments and church-related community work ministry, as well as lay people seeking to develop their own understanding of faith and mission.

Northern College works as part of an ecumenical partnership based at Luther King House, Manchester and, along with the other colleges, has close links with the University of Manchester. It also shares with synods, and with the other Resource Centres for Learning in the United Reformed Church, a vision for learning for the whole people of God.

Our Ecumenical and Denominational Partnerships

Our Background and History

The Northern Congregational College was formed in 1958 through an amalgamation of the Lancashire Independent College and the Yorkshire United Independent College, both tracing their roots back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

In 1985, Northern College moved to its present site at what had previously been the Baptist College in Rusholme. In 2015 we celebrated our Pearl (30th) Anniversary.

Northern College acts as a Resource Centre for Learning for the URC, and retains links with the Congregational Federation. The college is also the preferred place of training for students training for ministry within the Moravian Church.

Although we have these strong denominational links, Northern College is an independent charitable trust, with its own Board of Governors and officers.