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NORTHERN COLLEGE (United Reformed and Congregational)
Registered Charity No: 529253
  1. Introduction
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in May 2018. It replaces the existing laws on data protection (The Data Protection Act 1998) and gives individuals more rights and protection in relation to how their personal data is used.
  2. Data Controller
    Northern College is a data controller under the terms of the GDPR. The contact for all personal data purposes is the Principal of the College.
  3. Your Personal Data
    What is it? Personal data is information relating to a living person who can be identified from that data. Identification may occur from that data alone, or in conjunction with any other information in the data controller’s possession. It is the processing of personal data that is governed by the GDPR.
  4.  Northern College’s handling of personal data
    Northern College has identified a lawful basis for the holding of all personal data as set out below. Northern College holds the personal data of students only insofar as it enables us to maintain appropriate records to fulfil the responsibility to offer training and formation to students of the United Reformed Church, the British Province of the Moravian Church, and Post-Graduate students of the Congregational Federation. Northern College holds the personal data of members of staff only insofar as it is either a legal requirement, or a requirement of the degree-validating institution or Office for Students, or for the purposes of appropriate employment processes including payment directly into the bank account of the employee of salary and expenses. Northern College holds personal data relating to Governors and other committee members only insofar as it is necessary to fulfil the requirements of the Charity Commission, to maintain contact with them and to refund appropriate expenses. Northern College also holds personal data relating to former staff, governors and ‘friends’ of Northern College for the purposes of alumni updating and sending out newsletters. Northern College holds personal data in respect of placement supervisors and other people in a student’s placement for the purposes of maintaining contact on the progress of the student in placement.
  5. How does Northern College store personal data?
    Northern College holds all student and staff files in secure storage. Contact information is held on a secure server accessible only by pass-worded permission. 2 Minutes of meetings through which personal information about an individual might be identified are held securely.
  6. In what circumstances will Northern College share personal data?
    As part of the responsibilities as set out above, it is necessary to be able to report back to those denominations on the progress and performance of students. It is also necessary for information to be shared between Luther King House Educational Trust (LKHET) who are responsible for the academic courses taken by a student (whether for credit or for audit). The sharing of information with LKHET is managed under a Data Sharing Agreement. Northern College will not share personal data with any other third party.
  7. Retention of personal data
    Northern College is required by the denominations to retain the personal files of students and staff for five years after they leave the College. Thereafter, files are returned to the denominations for their own purposes or (in the case of members of staff who are not ministers ordained into the United Reformed Church, these files will be offered to the individual. If an individual is deceased, the file will be securely destroyed). Northern College will retain personal data in relation to Governors or committee members as long as is required under Charity Commission law or regulations. Thereafter, this information will be deleted or securely destroyed. Northern College will delete the contact details for placement supervisors and others in placement once a student has left the college. Northern College will delete all contact information of existing ‘friends’ of the College if they request cessation of the sending of newsletters.
  8. Personal data requests
    Anyone whose personal data is held by Northern College has the right to request a copy of that data at any time. The College will respond to that request within seven working days of receipt of the request.Northern College March 2018