Welcome to the web page for the URC Research Network – an organisation for members of the URC who are engaged in research. The Network’s co-ordinator is Dr. Meg Warner; tutor in Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew at Northern College. Membership of the Network is free and open to any member of the URC who is active, or interested, in research.

Since the advent of COVID, members of the Network have met virtually – usually on a monthly basis – for seminars in which papers are read and discussed. In ordinary times it is possible to meet for an annual or bi-annual conference.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Network, or believe that a friend or colleague would appreciate the opportunity to join, please contact Meg Warner at megan.warner@lutherking.ac.uk

5pm – Thursday 5th May 2022

Rev Dr Elizabeth Welch

‘The Holy Spirit and the nature of truth’