When you’re involved in your local church, in whatever way, it can be exciting to take up opportunities to develop your own faith as well as the skills and gifts you already have. Northern College can support you in various ways:

Training through your synod

Your Synod may already be offering all sorts of days or courses through your Pastorate, Team Ministry, Pastoral Care Group, Area or Missional Partnership. However, sometimes we can help out and support your church and local churches as an extra pair of hands: leading a Bible Study, Worship Basics, funerals or weddings or Sacraments training.

Annual Lay Preachers’ and Worship Leaders’ Conference

Every year we run a conference that you might find of interest in your local setting. In 2022 we’ll be looking at the Church in and of your Local Community. Keep an eye on the events page for more info.

Assembly Accredited Lay Preachers’ course

We’ve just started the first group after Mission Council (now General Assembly Executive) agreed the course material. The first group began in September 2021. If you’re interested in joining the next group, we’d be happy to talk to you about the course. Then you can let your synod training officer (or similar postholder) to register your interest.

Joining in with aspects of Ministerial or CRCW training

We have on-site block weekend programmes or individual sessions that you can join in with that would support your developing pastoral or preaching or organisational role in your local church.
Coming up in early 2022: Developing your use of music and hymns in worship; Reformed Spirituality; developing your understanding of the Bible. See our events page to keep up to date.

The sky is the limit!

It’s possible to join in with all sorts of learning that happens through Northern College and Luther King Centre.

There are courses running by Zoom, or in person. There are courses that can be done just for interest or to obtain a Certificate, or Diploma or Degree. You can even complete a Certificate or Diploma by distance learning.  Have a look at the courses on the Luther King Centre website. The best thing is, you can just do one course as a taster to see how you get on. Who knows where it might lead!