Ecumenical and Denominational Partnerships


Through our denominational, ecumenical and world-church links, the college is able to offer a far wider range of opportunities and draw on much broader resources than it could if working alone.  We work ecumenically with our partners in the Luther King House Educational Trust to provide a range of courses at Luther King House and in other centres.

Northern College also works with the other Resource Centres for Learning within the URC – Scottish College and Westminster College  – as well as with individual synods. Together with the various training networks across the URC, we are always exploring more effective ways of providing resources for learning for the whole church.


Congregational Federation students undertake their postgraduate work at Northern College and, from time to time, the Federation sends students preparing for ministry of word and sacraments.


Northern College is the preferred place of training for students from the Moravian Church.

We have close links with the Council for World Mission. Many of our students undertake overseas placements in CWM partner churches and Luther King House welcomes many students from the world-wide church who undertake programmes of study. This all makes for a richly diverse learning and worshipping community.

Staff members are involved in the wider work of the URC through involvement in TLS (Training for Learning and Serving) and service on national and synod committees, as well as responding to requests to preach and contribute to conferences, locally-delivered courses, and church events.

Graham Adams is also involved in developing and delivering training in the Congregational Federation.